AGE: 20 to 26
RACE: Asian


Kane- "She better be fucking worth it, Lynch!"

Lynch- "She is."

Lynch, after settling in Shanghai in the middles of 2009, he meets a young girl he decides to reconstruct a new life. Lynch is able to give everything for Xiu, who is his world and the principal reason to say in Shanghai. After Kane kills Brady's girlfriend, Hsing's goon's track down Xiu in her apartment, while she herself is implicated in criminal cases between Lynch, and Shang-Si. She is kidnapped by Hsing and used as bait for Lynch, however, when you try to rebound and get her back, the mission ends. While Kane and Lynch are been tortured, Lynch see with his own eyes Xiu been raped, cut to death, and gutted. her corpse dumped in a toilet.

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