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File:8080 screenshots 20160417022046 1.jpgFile:Accent 1.gifFile:Ach-50 to won.jpg
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File:Ach-have gun will travel ii.jpgFile:Ach-have gun will travel iii.jpgFile:Ach-headmaster.jpg
File:Ach-hindsight.jpgFile:Ach-impact.jpgFile:Ach-iron flower.jpg
File:Ach-mercenary.jpgFile:Ach-most wanted.jpgFile:Ach-mr. play-it-straight.jpg
File:Ach-mr. popularity.jpgFile:Ach-never give up.jpgFile:Ach-ninja looter.jpg
File:Ach-no going back now.jpgFile:Ach-perfect split.jpgFile:Ach-pushblade symphony.jpg
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File:Ach-revenge part ii & iii.jpgFile:Ach-revenge part iv.jpgFile:Ach-revenge part v.jpg
File:Ach-rush hour.jpgFile:Ach-some.jpgFile:Ach-steal from the poor.jpg
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File:DM SS2.jpgFile:DM SS3.jpgFile:DM SS4.jpg
File:DM SS5.jpgFile:DM SS6.jpgFile:DM SS7.jpg
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File:Deth sentance.pngFile:Dgn kane and lynch 2 dog days logo.jpgFile:Dm CA2.jpg
File:Dog Days.pngFile:Dog Days Button.pngFile:Dog day 6.jpg
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File:Kane & Lynch- Dead Men.pngFile:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days.pngFile:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days PlayStation 3 Video - Developer Interview
File:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Xbox 360 Trailer - Arcade Mode TrailerFile:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Xbox 360 Trailer - Cops and Robbers TrailerFile:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Xbox 360 Trailer - Fragile Alliance Mode
File:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Xbox 360 Trailer - Reveal TrailerFile:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Xbox 360 Trailer - Reveal UK TrailerFile:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Xbox 360 Trailer - Undercover Cop Mode
File:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Xbox 360 Trailer - Welcome to Shanghai Trailer (UK)File:Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Xbox 360 Trailer - Welcome to Shanghai Trailer (US)File:Kane & Lynch 2 cover.jpg
File:Kane & Lynch Dead Men - Chapter 1 ImpactFile:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 10 ResurrectionFile:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 11 One Way Ticket
File:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 1 Welcome to ShanghaiFile:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 2 The DetailsFile:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 3 Blood, Sweat and Tears
File:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 4 Laying LowFile:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 5 Coming HomeFile:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 6 A Thousand Cuts
File:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 7 The DealFile:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 8 Out of ShanghaiFile:Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Chapter 9 Air Strike
File:Kane and Lynch 2 Video - Kane & Lynch 2File:Kane and Lynch 2 X360 - Burning Inside TrailerFile:Kane and Lynch 2 X360 - Co-op Gameplay Vignette
File:Kane and Lynch 2 X360 - E3 2010 She'd Better Be Worth It, Lynch!File:Kane and Lynch 2 X360 - Explosive Mixture TrailerFile:Kane and Lynch 2 X360 - Intense Trailer
File:Kane and Lynch 2 X360 - Lynch Psychopath TrailerFile:Kane and Lynch 2 X360 - Multiplayer TrailerFile:Kane and Lynch 2 X360 - Subway Trailer
File:Kane and Lynch 2 X360 - Violent Convicts TrailerFile:Kane and Lynch cover art.jpgFile:Kane and lynch.jpg
File:Kane and lynch boxart.jpgFile:Kane m85.jpgFile:Kane mini-14.jpg
File:Key.pngFile:Killed or be killed.pngFile:Kl2 2013-10-23 17-01-10-33.jpg
File:M85 5 12.jpgFile:MP5A3 Marinir.jpgFile:Maxresdefault.jpg
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File:Mini-14 real life.jpgFile:Mithcel.jpgFile:Mobile 1.jpg
File:Mobile 2.jpgFile:Mobile 3.jpgFile:Mobile 4.jpg
File:Mobile 5.jpgFile:Mobile 6.jpgFile:Mobile 7.jpg
File:Mobile 8.jpgFile:Mobile 9.jpgFile:Norinco9.jpg
File:NorincoM77b.jpgFile:Norinco Model 77B s.jpgFile:P90 WITH ACOG SIGHT.jpg
File:Pierre.jpgFile:Rific.pngFile:Robber serbian m85.jpg
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File:SIG SG552.jpgFile:SW.pngFile:ScreenShot026.jpg
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