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Announced in November 2009, the game is described as having a new visual style inspired by documentary films and user-generated content. According to the press release, "every aspect of the game has been designed to deliver a fresh perspective to the words 'intensity' and 'realism'." A pair of teaser videos accompanying the announcement present game footage in a distorted surveillance camera perspective. Dog Days will be presented from Lynch's point of view, rather than Kane's like in the first game.

Play as two of gaming's most disturbing and realistic criminals; Lynch – a self medicated psychopath - and Kane - a disillusioned and desperate ex-mercenary, in a gritty,awesome and brutal crime shooter from IO Interactive. Kane and Lynch face the consequences of their actions when a simple job gone wrong finds them on a desperate and frantic struggle to escape. Experience their fight to survive through the back streets and rooftops of Shanghai’s gritty underworld. They can trust no one, not even each other as the cracks begin to appear in Lynch’s sanity and Kane’s stability.

Non-stop action in Single Player, online & offline Co-op and Multiplayer. New and unique Fragile Alliance multiplayer game modes provide an experience to suit all criminal minds.

Plot Edit

The 2010 game switches the lead in the series, putting players in control of "self-medicated psychopath" Lynch. The story begins with Lynch having found peace in Shanghai and attempting to "make a fat deal where the pay is beyond his wildest dreams and nothing is going to get in his way."

Following Kane's arrival at Shanghai, both Kane and Lynch soon deal with an informant against Glazer named Brady. After a chase through gang territory, Kane and Lynch corner both Brady and his girlfriend. A quick firefight ensues where Brady's girlfriend gets shot by Kane and Brady committing suicide.

The next day has Kane and Lynch talking to Glazer about the smuggling operation until they were ambushed by the city's gang and police force. After finding out that the attack against Glazer was from a gang led by crime lord Hsing, Kane, Lynch and Glazer's men raid in Hsing's headquarters. During interrogation, Hsing reveals that the woman Kane shot the day before was the daughter of corrupted government official Shang-Si. Kane and Lynch narrowly escape the police, gang and Glazer's forces and stays low for a couple of hours. Lynch tries to call Xiu to leave Shanghai as soon as possible but to no avail. Later at night, the police forces chase down Kane and Lynch who are racing to Lynch's apartment hoping to find Xiu. Both Kane and Lynch discover is that the apartment complex has been taken over by Hsing's men hoping to lure them into a trap. Fighting through multiple levels of the complex, Lynch finds Xiu and stops any of Hsings's men coming for her until Hsing himself takes her hostage. Kane suggests that Hsing should be taken down immediately but fearing of Xiu's safety, Lynch knocks Kane down and were taken away.

Later on in the following day, Xiu was brutally gang raped tortured by Hsing and his men while Kane and lynch were being tortured in a bathroom. Believed to be near death, Lynch is thrown into a dumpster until he wakes up and kills Hsing. Although Lynch saves Kane, he was too late to save Xiu. Naked, both Kane and Lynch escape into the city trying to find clothes while being chased by police. Believing that the deal is still intact, Kane and Lynch arrive at the site where it's occurring. However, Glazer was aware of the death of Shang-Si's daughter and has his men try to kill Kane and Lynch. Glazer is eventually cornered revealing that he has a plane that Kane and Lynch can use to leave Shanghai but is then shot by a military sniper. After fighting through military and police forces, Kane and Lynch were captured.

In a helicopter, Kane and Lynch immediately takes control and forces the pilot to land at Shang-Si's building. Through multiple firefights in the building, Kane and Lynch corner Shang-Si. Impressed by their skills, Shang-Si gives them an unspecified offer that would pardon Kane and Lynch of their crimes. Taking no chances of betrayal and as revenge for being involved in Xiu's death, Lynch shoots Shang-Si.

Kane and Lynch arrive at Shanghai Pudong International Airport searching for Glazer's private jet. When arriving at the warehouse containing the plane, it is shown partially dismantled. With no other choice, Kane and Lynch escape Shanghai through a commercial airliner heading for Ecuador.

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