James Seth Lynch or simply just Lynch ,was born on April 11, 1964. He formerly managed a warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before being arrested and convicted of the murder of his wife Annie and sentenced to death row. He stands 6"1", has green eyes, and receding long hair. He is a medicated schizophrenic and psychopath. He had a girlfriend named Xiu, only to be murdered on the orders of Shangsi.

It's currently unknown whether or not he killed his wife, but what we can gather from the dialogue, it strongly suggests that he did. An example of this is during the prison mission, when he uncertainly says that he is unsure what happened that night.

At the end of Dead Men, he is displeased with either choice you make, furthering his pessimist nature. Two years later, he now resides on Shanghai with his girlfriend Xiu, trying to make a new life with her. When he is contracted to a deal associated to guns traffic, he calls Kane for a last job on their criminal lives, but the deal also fails, and then Kane and Lynch are being chased throughout city by gangsters, cops and the military.


The idea for Lynch may have come from the character 'Waingro' in the 1995 movie HEAT, played by [Gage].


Kane and Lynch: Dead Men:Edit

  • When breaking out fellow dead men from prison, interaction with NPC's and other pointers hint towards Lynch possibly having spent time there and having made a name for himself as some characters state that they've 'Heard of him'.
  • Lynch will complain when you trade his shotgun with your weapon in dead men co-op, possibly due to it being his 'signature weapon'
  • In Dead Men you can experience his psychotic episodes firsthand in co-op.
  • Oddly, when first paired with Lynch, he knows little about the techniques introduced in the game-Blind fire, cover shooting etc.- but in the next mission he appears to be quite proficient in regards to them.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days:Edit

  • Instead of controlling Kane, you now take lead of Lynch.
  • When you are fighting and get shot enough, you can hear Lynch talking to himself, phrases like: "Arrgh... think Lynch, think Lynch..." or "Ok, ok, I'm gonna shoot out those bastards..."
  • He also uses a dark glasses in all levels (except A Thousand Cuts to the end).

Quotes: Edit

Lynch will often talk to himself, and will sometimes say "Lynch, you take control".

When done having a psychotic episode, Lynch will sometimes say "Woah, what the fuck happened" and sometimes follows it with "Kane, what the fuck have you done?" which points to Lynch not being aware of his actions and blaming Kane for it.

When another team-mate is incapacitated, Lynch will sometimes say "Kane, we gotta stay closer!" (Usually only on later levels, such as Retomoto Tower).

When down, Lynch will say lines such as: "I'm down, help me!", "Oh Jesus fucking christ that hurts!", "I don't wanna die!", "I can't feel my legs, help!". Followed by "Ah, get the fuck over here I need help now.", "Agh... Get the FUCK over here... I need help NOW!", "Must have some adrenaline somewhere..."

Friendly fire:

"Kane, back off!"

"You're fucking insane!"

"Careful you fucking idiot"

"Stop it you're freaking me out"

"Owch! Are you blind?"