Adam "Kane" Marcus is an ex-mercenary and former member of the notorious group 'The7'. Also Wanted For The Body Counts Of Los Angeles Police Officers And Swat Members

Kane serves as the main protagonist of the series.

Mercenary Profile Edit

Kane is an experienced fighter, adept in unarmed combat and the use of firearms, as well as the methods that make them efficent. With ten years of being under the direction of the 'The7' Kane gained a set of remarkable skills that made his acts successful, eventually earning himself a seat amongst the actual 7 crime lords who constituted the organization. He also shows a high amount of skill with a Push Dagger, as he almost always wields one.

Personality Profile Edit

Kane is a hardended, rough individual, who albeit suffers from psycological trauma sustained throughout his life. Resilient in situations that are extremely stressful and where life and death are present factors, he posesses a decisive, rough, serious no-nonsense attitude. Capable of being in positions of authority and creating plans of action, his resolve and character are steeled from all his lows and hardships.

Criminal History: Offense Category Edit

Adam “Kane” Marcus has been found guilty of the manslaughter of 25 Venezuelan citizens. He is sentenced to death and awaits transportation to Death Row.

Case Notes === Kane’s son died at the age of two in a tragic accident when he got hold of Kane’s service gun. Kane’s wife blamed her husband for the death of their son and left him. Kane has not seen his daughter since she was five years old.

Several years after his son’s death Kane became a member of "The7", the most powerful clan of mercenaries in the world. Working with them, he fought in the world’s trouble spots for the highest bidder until a mission in Venezuela that went wrong badly.

The failed mission action in Venezuela led to the deaths of 25 Venezuelan citizens. Kane was the only survivor from the mercenary group and it is rumored that he escaped with a vast amount of loot. There is little evidence of what happened to this haul. Kane was arrested soon after his return to the USA. He was found guilty of the accused crimes and sentenced. The loot was never found.

In Kane and Lynch: Dead MenEdit

Kane is first seen writing a letter to Jenny as he is about to be sent off to his execution. He does not finish it in time and puts it in his pocket as he is escorted to the transport vehicle. In the vehicle, he ruminates over his lost family and his regret until James Lynch snaps him out of it to tell him to "cover his head". At that moment a semi truck slams into the prison transport vehicle the two men are riding on. Lynch shoots the handcuffs of Kane at which point they run intro an alley for cover and are met by a group of masked mercenaries, the ones responsible for the two's freedom, and after Kane, confused and angry, confronts the leader of the group the leader breaks Kane's nose with the butt of his rifle. They all continue to run through several buildings and alleys all the while engaging the LAPD in a running gunfight, until they are all picked up by a van at which point Kane and Lynch have hoods thrown over their heads. The group arrives at a mall still under construction where Kane is thrown before what is now left of his former team The7. Which consist of: Carlos, Kane's former best friend, Mute, a quiet and sociopathic killer, The older brother, the sinister leader of The7, and the psychotic and scarred younger brother who is Kane's nemesis. The7 inform Kane that they have his wife and daughter Jenny and that Kane must get back the loot, that he apparently stole from them in Venezuela, or they would kill them both along with Kane (who The7 have marked for death anyway) they appoint Lynch as Kane's watchdog.

Sometime after escaping the police Kane contacts an expert safe cracker he knows and they along with Lynch break into a bank that Kane stored the loot that The7 want. Once inside the bank Lynch is tasked with watching the hostages while Kane and the safe cracker head for the banks vault. After fighting their way through security they make it to the vault and blow open all the safe boxes only for Kane to learn that what he is looking for is missing and he seems to know who took it, The safe cracker is also displeased that Kane didn't fill him in on all the details and that the job they were on was not just a regular bank robbery promting him to tell Kane that after this job their friendship was over. Shortly after blowing the vault Lynch starts to lose his grip and begins killing all of the hostages much to Kane's horror, and with Lynch's execution of the hostages the SWAT teams and police officers storm the bank and after a brief shootout they are rescued by their driver and after a long chase through the streets of Los Angeles, and the deaths of the driver and safe cracker, Kane and Lynch manage to escape and begin to make their way to Japan where Kane insists he knows a girl there that can help them get back The7's loot. When the duo arrive in Japan they head for a night club where breaks into the office of Yoko the daughter of japanese gangster and criminal kingpin Retomoto, Kane proceeds to have Lynch kidnapp her, and once Kane reveals who her father is Lynch becomes very angry that Kane did not inform him of her father's criminal status however they still manage to battle through numerous security guards and gangsters and escape with Yoko in tow.

Kane sets up an exchange with Retomoto: The7's loot for Yoko. When Kane and Lynch arrive at the meet Retomoto is nowhere in sight making Lynch very nervous Kane proceeds to explore the area, leaving Lynch with a tied up Yoko. Kane discovers a ringing cell phone which turns out to be Retomoto himself at first sympathizing with Kane's current situation with The7 and offers his help in killing them and rescuing his family. A anxious and nervous Lynch, who is on the other end of Kane's ear piece, overhears this conversation and once again loses his grip thinking Kane is betraying him and The7 causing Lynch to shoot Yoko which sparks a subsequent gun fight with Retomoto's forces which both Kane and Lynch escape. The two arrive in Los Angeles once again only to be taken captive by The7 and brought to an empty construction site where Kane's family is brought before him. After some brief words with Carlos The7 leave the execution to be carried out by the member Mute, when Kane tries to talk to his wife and daughter Jenny Mute viciously executes Kane's wife right in front of him causing Kane, in a fit of rage, to brutally beat Mute to death with a shovel. With the help of Lynch, Kane is able to kill off the remaining mercenaries and save Jenny after which Kane sends her home wanting her nowhere near him. Kane, along with Lynch, break several other "dead men" out of prison, former members of The7 that were disowned they include: Thapa, Rific and Shelly. During the prison break Kane learns from Shelly, who recognized Lynch, that Lynch is the one most likely responsible for his wife's death, after Lynch lied earlier telling Kane his wife was murdered without him knowing the circumstances, this revelation greatly angers Kane but the group moves on anyway. Kane, Lynch and their new crew of dead men decide to hit Retomoto and get the stolen loot back. The group manages to kill Retomoto and fight their way to the street where a huge gunfight erupts between them and the Japanese police, they all mange to fight their way to the getaway van and escape. The group of "dead men" then head for Havanna where The7 are aiding the local government against the rebel forces their. They mange to fight their way to the city capitol where Kane finds and kills the merceanry who broke his nose at the beginning, they also find Carlos who The7 abandoned to Kane's mercy. Kane excepts Carlo's help much to the chargin of the rest of the group, this new alliance causes Thapa to leave Kane's crew stating he couldnt trust him anymore. The "dead men" attack the brother's heroine operation and private villa in Venezuela after listening to enemy radio chatter Kane realizes that the brother's have kidnapped Jenny once again. Carlos betrays Kane and tries to bargain with the brother's but is killed when Kane realizes his former best friend has been murdered he shows some degree of remorse despite the betrayal. Kane and Lynch finally come face to face with The elder and younger brothers, with the younger brother holding Jenny hostage and the Elder one insulting Kane and threatening to kill his daughter. Kane snaps and shoots a nearby mine, which Carlos had been carrying with him. The explosion kills the older brother and gives the younger one a chance to escape with Jenny with Kane and Lynch in hot pursuit of him. While chasing the younger brother Kane hears over the radio that Rific and Shelly are pinned down at the air field they were covering, but Kane ignores their pleads for help and continues chasing the younger brother. They eventually catch up to him after Kane shoots the engines out of his plane keeping him from taking off. After Kane kills the younger brother's personal guards he engages him in a shoot out on the plane eventually getting his revenge by gunning him down in the cockpit of the plane while Jenny looks on. Jenny tells Kane her disdain for him and his actions and what he has become Kane tells her he is sorry and that he promises to stay out of her life forever once he gets her to safety. Just Shelly's voice comes over the radio once again asking for back up, Kane decides he does not want to leave what is left of his team to burn so he and Lynch, along with Jenny, go to their rescue. Once Kane reaches Shelly and Rific's location he finds Rific dead and Shelly furious at him for not coming sooner. Kane, Lynch, Shelly and Jenny head for the pier in hopes of escaping by boat. But just when they reach it, Jenny is critically wounded. Shelly loses his patience and attemepts to escape himself while a distraught Kane and angry Lynch escape on another boat but not before Lynch is shot in the shoulder. In the closing shot we see Kane telling an unresponsive Jenny of the letter he wrote to her and how much she means to him, while Lynch berates him for not being able to help his own daughter as their boat drifts down river.

In Dog Days Edit

Kane arrives at shangai with his bag and reunites with Lynch. Later lynch says that they are going to talk and fix things with a man name Brady, to what later Lynch ask for Jenny, and Kane says that she is all right and that Lynch don't bother him anymore with more questions. After finding brady, they soon find that he is running with a girl, and there are his goons trying to kill both of them. When the duo corner brady, they accidentally kill the woman, that is Shangsi's daughter. Then Brady commits suicide. Later on, Kane and Lynch are discussing with Glazer about to bring weapons to africa trough a ship, but in the middle of the highway the are attacked by the mafia and the police, and Glazer amost dies. Glazer says the group that Hsing may have been involved in this, and leaves the pair, with some of his man in his headquarters with his van. Afterwards Tommy, one of Glazer's men, dies because of a headshot, but eventually Hsing is found and tolds Kane and Lynch that they are responsible of killing Shangsi's daughter, to what the partners of the couple betrays them and try to escape on a truck and tell what happened to Glazer, but they are killed. Later Kane and lynch went to eat something at the restaurant, and they are surprised by the swat team, after escaping from here they go to save Xiu, only later to be cutted and killed by Hsing. Afterwards Lynch cries, and says that Xiu is dead and Shangsi will pay very dearly for what he done, but Kane says that because she is dead, she will not care if her death is avenged or not, and says that Lynch is his friend and needs him. Some time later they get some clothes and arrive at where is Glazer, that betrays them, but later after he says that they can escape trough the ariport he is executed by a sniper, making Kane understand that it was all an ambush and they need to escape to the city, if they want to survive. Kane tolds Lynch that he is free to do what he want, to that he responds that he has nothing to lose and that he is coming with him and at least Kane has Jenny. Kane explains that they are angry between each other since Venezuela, and that Kane expected with this deal make money to give Jenny the life she wanted and be family with her once again. They are later on captured by Shangsi's private army, but they manage to get to the bulding of the crime lord. Lynch wants to kill him for the death of Xiu but Kane says they killed his Daughter and there is a code, and that Lynch has to control himself, but Lynch responds that Kane is soft. When they eventually found Shangsi, he explains that he will forgive them if they agreed in making a deal with him, but Lynch, wanting payback for his girlfriend death and fearing being betrayed again kills Shangsi and makes Kane upset because it will be now more difficult to escape the city. Kane and Lynch later escaped via a plane heading for Balzar, Ecuador. It's unknown what will happen next.

In Hitman: Absolution Edit

Kane makes a brief cameo appearance in the 2012 installment of the Hitman franchise. He can be seen standing near the jukebox in The Great Balls of Fire, a roadside bar on the outskirts of Hope, South Dakota. He can at first be seen being questioned by a bar inhabitant regarding the reason for his presence in the town. He will respond, telling the man that he's here "on business" and that he's waiting for his partner (referring to Lynch) to return from a trip into the town. Lynch can later be seen at the gun store within Hope itself. If Agent 47 (the main character of the Hitman franchise) shuts off power to the jukebox, a brief cutscene will play, depicting two bikers picking a fight with Kane, believing he turned off the jukebox due to his proximity to the device. Kane, however, easily knocks the two men out and continues smoking his cigarette. If 47 approaches Kane after this, it is possible to fight him in hand-to-hand; he is considerably more difficult to defeat than many other characters in the game, requiring a more complex combination of buttons in keeping with the game's combat controls.

He is also mentioned while in the jail. If Agent 47 goes through the vents he can hear Kane talking outloud while writing a letter to his daughter.

Quotes Edit

  • [Letter to Jenny] Dear Jenny, I've been trying to write you this letter for fourteen years. Today's my last chance. This afternoon I will pay for my mistakes with my life. It's only fair. As you know if you've read the papers, my life as a mercenary and all the pain I've caused, most of it is true. I should regret it all, I should be scared of dying, but I'm not. I can't anymore. The only feeling I have left is regret, regret that I'll never get to know you. You are all that matters. Sorry I never understood. Your father, Kane.
  • [Beating Mute to death after Mute killed his wife] "YOU SHOULD... HAVE LET... ME TALK TO THEM!"
  • "Look, I'm gonna be doing some things she shouldn't see. So you just shut up and help me carry my wife."
  • "Those ain't exactly ulcer pills are they?"
  • "I've owed you this for a long time... And I pay my debts, to the penny."
  • "Some things shouldn't be rushed."
  • "Fuck! That old fucker took it!"
  • [Repeated line to his daughter] "Jenny, I wrote you a letter."
  • [Over his wife's grave] "I'm so sorry...I'm sorry it ended like this, and I'm sorry I couldn't just die. But I swear. I'll find them all before they find Jenny. I'll kill them all before they even look at her."
  • [to Lynch] "Nobody gets away with what you just did!"
  • [Repeated line] "The fuck I did!"
  • "Ah Fuck! You fucking idiot! I can't believe you....What the fuck is the matter with you?"
  • [to Lynch] "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!"
  • "Fuck"...